In a surprise move, the Kingdoms of Amalur IP has been bought by THQ Nordic from the now-bankrupt 38 Studios. With the reputation of THQ Nordic, many are now excited for a sequel or remaster, but the company has recently stated that it’s not so simple. In fact, to create a remaster of the action RPG requires Electronic Arts’ approval.

For some, this may be somewhat confusing. Although THQ Nordic has brought the rights to the IP, 38 Studios published it with the aid of EA Partners, the game’s publishing label and backing operation. Because THQ Nordic does not have the publishing rights to the original game, it can’t make a Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning remaster without the publisher granting permission.

It’s worth mentioning that THQ Nordic is currently willing to speak to EA but refused to comment any further about the relationship between EA and 38 studios. Concerning whether it will happen or not, THQ Nordic revealed, “At this stage, we only acquired the intellectual property. Given our track record, we know what the burning questions (remaster, remake, port to current-gen systems etc.) are, but we decided do not answer those specifically as we tend to put our heads together first and then do our homework, and only start to talk about anything once we feel confident and very familiar with the franchise.”

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Furthermore, THQ Nordic has also acquired the property rights to Project Copernicus, the Kingdoms of Amalur MMOAlthough publishing a remaster would require some discussion with EA, making a sequel or finishing/making Project Copernicus a reality shouldn’t present any publishing hurdle.

This studio has developed a reputation for delivering beautiful remasters, and many are likely to champion its growth. Earlier this year, THQ Nordic obtained Deep Silver, which has titles such as Metro Exodus and Dead Island 2. Considering the excellent work done on Darksiders 2: The Deathfinitive Edition, many are likely hoping to hear something about the IP’s future very soon.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is available now for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Source: Eurogamer