Kingdom Hearts 'VR Experience' Revealed at Tokyo Game Show


Not too long ago, Kingdom Hearts fans got yet another look at the forthcoming third entry in the role-playing game franchise, with Disney and Square Enix having revealed a trailer showcasing the world of Big Hero 6 in KH3. On top of this, the companies also used its time during Tokyo Game Show 2018 at Sony's pre-TGS PlayStation Lineup Tour event to confirm that the IP will also be receiving its own "VR Experience" for PlayStation VR headsets later this year.

According to a post on PlayStation Blog, Kingdom Hearts' VR Experience will be a free 10-minute interactive video for fans to enjoy, and it will feature different iconic moments from the KH series. No official list has been given of which moments will be featured from the series, but it has been promised that the VR Experience will definitely include some favorites from the long-running franchise.


In addition to the Kingdom Hearts VR Experience serving up memorable moments from the series, the immersive video is also set to feature various music from all of the games. What's more is that the more one plays the virtual reality experience, additional content will unlock along the way.

Disney and Square Enix plan to make the Kingdom Hearts VR Experience available as a free download from the PlayStation Store this holiday season, but there has yet to be an exact date nailed down just yet. Nevertheless, there's a good chance that it could come toward the end of November or early in December of this year.

All things considered, the Kingdom Hearts VR Experience should excite diehard fans of the franchise, and could also serve as a decent primer for first timers interested in picking up a copy of KH3 once it launches. That said, though, should newcomers miss out on the Kingdom Hearts VR Experience, the third entry will thankfully ease those unaware of the plot with a recap of the story so far.

The Kingdom Hearts VR Experience is set to be available during holiday 2018 for PlayStation VR.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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