Kingdom Hearts' Sora Gets Modded into Super Smash Bros.


A couple of modders for Nintendo's popular fighting game Super Smash Bros. for Wii U create Kingdom Hearts' protagonist Sora as a playable character for the title.

When Nintendo polled its fans a while back to ask who they wanted included in last year’s DLC for Super Smash Bros., an overwhelming number of players requested Sora, the hero of the Disney-themed role-playing game Kingdom Hearts. Of course, while one of his fellow brethren under the Square Enix umbrella — that is, Final Fantasy 7's protagonist Cloud — joined the fighting title's cast, the Keyblade-wielding character never officially went on to make it as a part of the expanded roster.

Fortunately, the Super Smash Bros. modders known as Nibrock.Rock and KTH have opened the door for Kingdom Hearts' Sora to brawl his way throughout the Nintendo title thanks to their downloadable mod of the RPG's main figure. Using the character Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles as a base, the modders have effectively re-skinned Sora into Smash.

As seen in the video below, Sora takes on Cloud in a quick battle on the Midgar stage in Super Smash Bros., with the Kingdom Hearts character being given the chance for a successful bout. As it happens, once Sora wins the match, it's revealed that the modders Nibrock.Rock and KTH have even incorporated his name into the game as text for the first place winner's panel at the end of the round. As is to be expected, though, the announcer still declares Shulk as being the victor.


Although Sora never officially made it into Super Smash Bros. as a part of the title's DLC, there's always the possibility for the Kingdom Hearts protagonist to make an appearance in another installment in the fighting game franchise. After all, there are a lot of rumors suggesting that a Smash release could be used as a Nintendo NX launch title, which could allow for Sora to be integrated as a playable character.

Nevertheless, it isn't as if Kingdom Hearts fans won't be able to fight alongside Sora ever again. As a matter of fact, a third installment in the RPG franchise is currently in the works, with developers planning enhanced combat in the way of new magical spells and dynamic interaction with the environment. That said, though, Square Enix has yet to provide a clear release date for Kingdom Hearts 3, leading many to wonder how much longer the wait will be.

At any rate, as fans' anticipation for Kingdom Hearts 3 continues to remain relatively high, Nibrock.Rock's and KTH's mod of Sora into Super Smash Bros. should serve as an appetizing stopgap for the next entry in the hero's adventure to finally come to fruition. Of course, once the charm and novelty of playing as Sora in Smash wears off, perhaps fans should return to one of the greatest JRPGs ever with the initial installment in the KH franchise to remind themselves why they love the character in the first place.

Kingdom Hearts' third entry, Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently without a release date and lacks official confirmation of its platforms, while the latest iteration of Super Smash. Bros. is available for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Source: Gamebanana, KTH – YouTube (via Kotaku)

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