New 'Kingdom Hearts Re:coded' Trailer Shows Diverse Gameplay

Kingdom Hearts Recoded Trailer

A new trailer for the recently released Kingdom Hearts Re:coded has hit the internet and it looks to showcase a lot of what fans of the series were hoping for, along with some treats for gamers who might be new to the universe. Players once again get to take on the role of Sora and with it, his keyblade combat.

While Re:Coded is a more traditional Kingdom Hearts game than some of the other recent entries in the series, this is not a re-release or a mere update. No, this is not Kingdom Hearts 3, but it is a whole new game with some diverse gameplay and what should be another solid story. The new trailer showcases some of the magic system, different gameplay types, and boss battles. Check it out:


Old school 2D levels, some Space Harrier-esque levels, magic, and good-old keyblade combat, yes please. Some fans only seem interested in getting Kingdom Hearts 3, but really, with a game like Re:coded there should be a lot to like. Plus, it is nice to see some big games still coming out for the DS. The 3DS will still play all the DS games after all, so getting some good DS games out now can really help the wait until the 3DS launches.

In addition the trademark cast of Disney and Final Fantasy characters, Re:coded will utilize some of the DS's strengths for avatar trading through tag mode, and players can create their own playable maps. There certainly seems to be a ton of content in this little DS cart.

What do you think of the trailer? Does this get you excited about picking up the game? Are you still interested in the side stories and back stories associated with the Kingdom Hearts universe, or do you just want Kingdom Hearts 3 already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded is out now on the Nintendo DS in North America, and will be released across PAL territories on 14  January,  2011.

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