Starting in Tokyo, the first official Kingdom Hearts concert will begin touring the world in 2017, in honor of the game’s fifteenth anniversary.

Get those keyblades ready, Disney Concerts and La Fée Sauvage, a concert production company that specializes in video games, have announced a Kingdom Hearts worldwide concert tour. Tickets are scheduled to go on sale later this month, with the tour beginning in Tokyo in March  2017, the year of the series’ fifteenth anniversary.

The concert will feature compositions by game composer Yoko Shimomura and will span the entire series. In the vein of similar video game themed concerts, the music will be preformed by large, professional orchestras native to that location, such as the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and those musicians will be accompanied by high-definition cinematics from the series, supervised by the game’s director Tetsuya Nomura.

According to Nomura, a concert like this has been in the works for several years. He will be overseeing the creation of the title, logo, and several other elements in the shows production.

Spanning two major games and six spin-offs over multiple platforms, Kingdom Hearts is an action role-playing game set in a world that is one part Final Fantasy and one part Disney, then mixed together with original characters and a unique story. Since the first game’s release in 2002, the series has become a classic among dedicated fans, but perhaps a bizarre chimera of ideas for the uninitiated. Despite their views, both camps will agree that the soundtrack is one of the highlights of the franchise. Square, the game’s developer, has even been steadily making high-definition rereleases of most of the major titles in the series, complete with updated, orchestrated compositions of the soundtracks.

Kingdom Hearts Concert Tour Orchestra

News of this concert could not come at a better time, either. While there is not an official release date currently, the final game in the Kingdom Hearts trilogy is getting closer to being finished and last year fans got a good glimpse at what Kingdom Hearts III will bring to current generation consoles. It was not until 2013, almost a decade after Kingdom Hearts II released, that the game got an official announcement, but it might be worth the wait, as Square has likely learned a lot since then.

The new game will included popular features taken from past games and spin-offs, such as an evolved form of “flowmotion” first seen in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Drop Drop Distance. While it is clear there is a lot of anticipation for this long-awaited sequel, some do not think it will be the big release it is being hyped to be.

Whether you’re a fan of the series or a fan of music, Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour should be an incredible experience for anyone who simply loves a good concert. Pre-sale and VIP tickets are available to purchase on April 30 in select cities, while general tickets will be available May 14.

Tickets and the complete list of dates and showtimes are available at La Fée Sauvage’s website.