Kingdom Hearts Fan Shares Helpful Character Relationship Chart


With two main games (and a third one coming) and a number of well-received side-adventures to boot, the Kingdom Hearts series has cultivated an exceptionally large cast of beloved characters. Given that every major character is somehow linked to another, figuring out the relationships between all the main heroes and antagonists is nothing short of a monumental task for the average gamer. Luckily, a fan has made this task considerably easier by sharing a diagram that outlines all the relationships between every major character in the series.

In an attempt to shed make some sense on all the major character relationships, Reddit user Elfdemon has shared the official Kingdom Hearts character correlation diagram, which is found in the Kingdom Hearts Ultimania informational book. Featuring over 40 major protagonists and antagonists, the diagram helps shed some light on how everyone is associated with one another. Given how the overarching narrative of the series has expanded considerably over the years, this diagram will undoubtedly help make some sense of Kingdom Hearts' somewhat convoluted story.

Having said that, though, the diagram may only scratch the surface of Kingdom Hearts' confusing narrative for some as there were a number of fans in the Reddit thread that still couldn't make sense of how all the character relationships worked. Some fans said that while they still love the games, the long gap between the second installment and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, as well as all the prequels and sequels in between the two titles, have left them all a little lost.


It remains to be seen when Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released, as it is unlikely that the game will be launched in 2017. Nevertheless, this character relationship diagram will go a long way in helping fans get back up to speed on how every hero and villain are associated with each other.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently in production for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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