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Just when you thought you couldn't be even more jealous of gamers in Japan, now you have another reason! In the latest issue of Famitsu, it was announced that Japan will be exclusively getting Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Final Mix. This new version of the PSP title will be based on the North American and European release of Birth by Sleep, which include a 'Mysterious Figure' secret boss, a Critical Difficulty mode, additional crown stickers, and more songs for the Ice Cream Beat minigame in Disney Town. Like both Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+, the Final Mix edition of Birth by Sleep will feature English voice acting, so if you are thinking about importing it, that is definitely a good idea!

One thing I find interesting is that both the North American and European versions of Birth by Sleep were already enhanced versions of the original Japanese release. Knowing that the Final Mix version will be like a re-release of the version that we received here in the States has me a bit disappointed. With the previous releases of Final Mix editions for past KH games, Japan's version would be filled with features to make you drool. Features like more bosses, new cutscences, the ability to skip cutscenes, and of course the number one feature that everyone always looks forward to in a Final Mix edition of a KH game, a new and extended secret movie.

I still think that in this new release of Birth by Sleep, there will be new features that aren't currently in any version of the game. One way this has already been confirmed is in the Famitsu scan, it reveals that you will be able to team up with Disney's Pete, who has always been an enemy in past KH games. All I need to hear now is that there will be a new secret movie to unlock that will foreshadow Kingdom Hearts 3. If that happens, I'll likely import at least 10 copies just because I won't be able to contain my excitement.

For all you Ranters that don't know already, anytime you watch a "Secret Movie" from a Final Mix game, it totally and completely changes your world! Just in case you don't believe me, check out below both the secret movies from Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+:



With this new Birth by Sleep version coming out along with the future releases of Kingdom Hearts 3DS and Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded, it looks like the wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 won't be so bad.

So Ranters, especially the ones not in Japan, what do you think and more importantly, how do you feel about once again, not having a Final Mix KH game being released in your region? Let us know with your comments!

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Final Mix will be released exclusively in Japan this Winter on the PSP.

Source: KHInsider

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