Kingdom Hearts Announcement Coming

If there’s anything that has been learned from Kingdom Hearts fans it’s that if there’s news it needs to be reported, no matter how insignificant it might seem. After waiting through an entire console generation, and suffering through a ton of DS and PSP offshoots, fans are starting to get impatient, and apparently Testuya Nomura is well aware of that.

In an interview with Nomura for the Kingdom Hearts 3D Ultimania guid book, the Square Enix guru revealed that progress has been made with several new entries in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Even more exciting than that, Nomura hints that the developer might be gearing up for a reveal some time soon.

E3 2012 is just around the corner, and while Sony has a wealth of exciting new first and third party titles to reveal, they could probably use a little something from Square Enix to get the fans truly excited.

Unfortunately, no mention is made of whether or not this will finally be the Kingdom Hearts 3 (not 3D, not Birth by Sleep, not 358/2 Days) that fans have been waiting for, but we sure hope it is. While the interstitial titles like the aforementioned Birth by Sleep and 358/2 Days did well enough to shed some light on the events running concurrent or pre/post Kingdom Hearts 2, they still weren’t what the fans were clamoring for.

It’s almost like Square Enix knows exactly what they want from fans, yet somehow they decide to deliver the complete opposite. Actually, that’s exactly what they like to do.

If Square Enix does decide to reveal any news about a forthcoming Kingdom Hearts rest assured that we’ll be there to report it, and if it is some sort of alternate reality card-based fighting game, we’ll be happy to share in your disappointment.

Is it about time for Square Enix to finally announce Kingdom Hearts 3 or have we not suffered enough yet? Aside from KH3, is there any storyline you are interested in exploring from the franchise?

Source: FF Reunion (via Andria Sang)