Kingdom Hearts 3D Director Offers New Details

Kingdom Hearts 3D is probably one of the more anticipated titles set to be released for the Nintendo 3DS.

Recently the director of the Kingdom Hearts series, Tetsuya Nomura, offered some new details about the upcoming title.

In an interview with Nintendo Power, Nomura stated that the team behind Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep will be working on Kingdom Hearts 3D. Good news, since Birth by Sleep was well received in the gaming community, and was praised in our review.

When speaking about the where this new game falls in the series timeline, Nomura said, "Kingdom Hearts 3D takes place after Kingdom Hearts Re:coded". Even more exciting news - as Kingdom Hearts 3D will act as a bridge to the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3.

Visiting different Disney worlds in the Kingdom Hearts series is one of the aspects of the franchise that keeps gamers coming back for more - and the new game will be no different.

Here is what Tetsuya had to say on what new worlds we'll get to see in Kingdom Hearts 3D.

"We're still deciding on which worlds to include, but there may be a major overhaul in terms of the selection of Disney worlds."

In past KH games some Disney backdrops were revisited in different titles. Since this game is the latest in the timeline, we could see elements from Disney's recent movies The Princess and the Frog as well as Tangled. Could we see Sora enjoying some jazz in 1920s New Orleans?

Also the recent hype surrounding Epic Mickey could be a good opportunity for a crossover. Not to mention the possibility that characters from Final Fantasy XIII could also make their appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3D.

“There have been many installments in which players returned to Disney worlds introduced in previous Kingdom Hearts titles, however, the catalog of Disney worlds will be almost completely renewed with Kingdom Hearts 3D. I do have some ideas in mind already, but please keep an eye out as we reveal which new worlds and characters will be making an appearance!”

Sounds like Tetsuya has some fresh new ideas brewing for Kingdom Hearts 3D - and fans of the series have a lot to be excited about.

Nintendo 3DS Landmark Release

Pre-orders for the 3DS have already started, even though Nintendo has yet to unveil a price or release date for the system. As such, Kingdom Hearts 3D doesn't have a release date either; however, it will probably come soon after the 3DS hits store shelves.

Do these new details for Kingdom Hearts 3D make you want pre-order your 3DS?

Source: Nintendo Everything

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