Kingdom Hearts 3 Leak Reveals Wreck-It Ralph Summon?


After taking a couple of years off from the annual exhibition, the Japanese publisher and developer Square Enix recently announced that it plans on hosting a special video press conference during E3 2018 in June, with many anticipating major reveals for Kingdom Hearts 3. In an interesting turn of events, it looks as if certain information regarding the forthcoming action-RPG is surfacing online before the big show, as several off-screen screenshots of the title taken from a recent demo display of the game has potentially revealed Wreck-It Ralph as a summon.

As seen below in the images being passed around the Web by the Twitter user known as Nibel, Kingdom Hearts 3 fans can get a look at what appears to be Wreck-It Ralph after having been transported from the fictional game of Fix-It Felix Jr. and into the forthcoming RPG's Toy Story world. It's highly likely that Ralph has been added to the game as a summon, as one can see Woody and Buzz's health bars on-screen at the same time as his appearance.

While many Kingdom Hearts 3 fans will definitely be content to just know that Wreck-It Ralph will be in the RPG in some capacity, myriad others will likely be disappointed at the likelihood that there's no in-game world designed around the Disney film of the same name. Of course, it's quite possible that Square Enix decided to avoid creating a realm built around Ralph's as it would involve a heady dose of meta-narrative that might even be too complicated for Kingdom Hearts.

Aside from Wreck-It Ralph's appearance in the RPG, there's surely plenty more to learn about Kingdom Hearts 3 before its launch, and the rumor mills have been churning almost constantly in anticipation of more concrete news. As of now, some are expecting Square Enix to reveal a Jungle Book world for the game, while others have presumed that Frozen is a lock for a realm in the forthcoming sequel. At any rate, we will simply have to wait and see what the studio has in store for Kingdom Hearts 3 as time marches on toward its hopeful release this year.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently scheduled to launch at some point in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Nibel – Twitter

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