Kingdom Hearts 3 New Trailer Confirms Toy Story World

Kingdom Hearts 3 New Trailer Confirms Toy Story World

The D23 Expo is here and a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer has revealed the world of Toy Story. The game's newest trailer debuted at the very end of the Disney video game panel, highlighting an event packed full of Spider-Man, Avengers, Star Wars, and other Disney announcements. Yet it was Kingdom Hearts 3 that stole the show, capping the event off with the reveal of its 2018 release window.

In the trailer, Sora, Goofy, and Donald step out from Andy's bed into a bedroom that every Disney fan should be well acquainted with by now. Waiting for them in the room is a squad of toy-like Heartless, and a battle ensues. Soon Woody and Buzz, along with several of the main Toy Story cast, come out and join Sora to help rescue a friend. The adventure takes them out of the window and into the front yard, eventually bringing them to a toy shop named Galaxy Toys full of large sci-fi robot action figures.

Apparently the Heartless arrived shortly after several of Woody and Buzz's friends "vanished," including their owner Andy himself - a hint that this takes place in an early Toy Story movie and not the most recent. Woody and Buzz also mention a hooded person arriving with the Heartless, which Sora knows means Organization XIII is there as well.

Kingdom Hearts fans will be happy to know that, in addition to the Toy Story and release window reveals, there was some hint at the greater story and lore too. At the very end of the trailer, a Young Xehanort, AKA Unknown, steps out to talk with Sora. He's clearly interested in the Toy Story world's magic that brings toys to life:

"One heart's shadows fill the emptiness of another. See how they bring him to life? Like Heartless and Nobodies, they fit together." ... "There is a darkness we are missing and must reclaim. The way hearts connect in this world can provide a clue."

Given Unknown's comments it's safe to assume there is much more to Organization XIII's visit to the Toy Story world than meets the eye. And whatever a Young Xehanort is up to can not be good, or healthy for any of the Toy Story world's inhabitants.

In celebration of the announcement, Square Enix will be offering a special, powerful character medal in Kingdom Hearts Union X[Cross] on iOS and Android. The Sora [EX] Medal will be available for all players until August 16 and can be acquired simply by logging into the game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is planned for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2018. More announcements should be forthcoming in the months ahead, perhaps as soon as Tokyo Game Show 2017 in late September.

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