Kingdom Hearts 3 on Switch is 'Possible', Says Nomura

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Kingdom Hearts 3 director Tetsuya Nomura says that getting the latest entry in the franchise onto Nintendo's popular Switch console is possible. That will be music to the ears of Switch fans who prefer as many games as they can get on the console, although the prospects of such a possibility becoming a reality could be a significant time away, if at all.

The question "Is it coming to Switch?" has become a popular one among Switch owners when they see a new game or the potential of a port of an older game. With the console's portability that allows more continuous play at home and on-the-go, many gamers have the desire to get more of today's top games on the console. And considering the enormously positive reception Kingdom Hearts 3 has received since launch, it is no surprise that Nomura was asked of the possibility of the game coming to Switch.

While Nomura said that a Switch version is not in development, he certainly left the door open for the game coming to Switch at some point in the future in addition to other platforms. Talking to Famitsu, he said that the game is "possible to release" on Nintendo Switch. Launching the game on PS4 and Xbox One has been the priority, but Nomura said now that the game has launched, the developers can turn to other releases which are "not limited to the Nintendo Switch [...] we will consider all of them."

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Kingdom Hearts 3 would probably run into some technical limitations on Nintendo Switch considering that, although it is Nintendo's most powerful console, the Switch does not have nearly as high of specs as the Xbox One and PS4. It's impossible to say until the developer makes an attempt at getting the game onto the Switch, but like some ports of games on Switch, downgrading certain aspects of the game may be necessary. Nevertheless, the prospect of Kingdom Hearts 3 on the Switch is an exciting possibility.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Newsweek

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