Kingdom Hearts 3 Placeholder Release Date Updated

Kingdom Hearts 3 release date placeholder update

At D23 in July, Square Enix confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 3 would be released on consoles in 2018. But the company didn't reveal exactly when in 2018 the game might be released, something which did not inspire fans with much confidence.

Many fans will be glad to know, then, that Target has updated the placeholder Kingdom Hearts 3 release date. The game had initially been given a 'December 31, 2018' release date by retailers, as is custom when a game has a release year but not a release window. However, at least one person who pre-ordered the game says that they recently received an email from their retailer updating this.

It should be noted that November 1, 2018 probably isn't the final Kingdom Hearts 3 release date. Major games are typically released on a Tuesday or a Friday and as November 1 falls on a Thursday, it seems highly unlikely that Square Enix is planning to launch its game then.

Rather, November 1 is a new placeholder release date, but it may at least reflect the game's release window. Kingdom Hearts 3 will likely be released as part of the holiday shopping rush. It could also mean that fans will get to enjoy the game and its Toy Story World in time for Thanksgiving 2018.

Many Kingdom Hearts 3 fans are delighted with this news and have taken to social media to post excited messages. The game was first announced in 2013, meaning that they've been waiting an awfully long time for the game to be released.

And although Square Enix has explained why the development has taken so long, that hasn't made the wait for the game any easier. As such, any news is good news, including a change to the placeholder release date.

Though other fans remain unconvinced, because of how long Kingdom Hearts 3 development has taken to get to this place. Just like when the 2018 release was announced at D23, some fans are making jokes about the 'real' release date. Some have suggested that the game won't really be released until 2020 or some other far-off date and that Square Enix will issue at least three more delays before it actually launches.

There's no evidence that the game will be delayed again, but it's understandable why some fans feel this way. But for now, the update to the placeholder should be seen as a good sign. Hopefully, it won't be long until more official announcements about the game are made.

Kingdom Hearts 3 releases 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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