Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Recap the Story for Newcomers

The story in Kingdom Hearts is notorious for being convoluted, but the series is often given a pass because the games are actually quite good. Longtime fans have managed to make sense of the events that have taken place throughout the series, but newcomers might have some difficulty. This is why Kingdom Hearts 3 will include measures to inform new players on what transpired before the third title, while refreshing those who might have forgotten a few important story points.

Recently, VG247 had a chance to sit down with series director Tetsuya Nomura to discuss the upcoming game. When it is mentioned that Kingdom Hearts 3 would be bringing the series back into an entirely new console generation, Nomura says that he and the team are making efforts to catch everyone up.

We have included several elements in Kingdom Hearts 3 to explain the story and get newcomers up to speed the minimum required level of understanding, including a series of videos to explain the story so far at the start of the game. I would be delighted if people who played Kingdom Hearts 3 took an interest in the series overall and went back to play the previous games as well.

Nomura didn't go into specifics on how the videos will be presented, but lets hope Square Enix will spring for some CG cinematics.

As we near its release, Kingdom Hearts 3 is getting a slew of new trailers, each with different glimpses into what players can expect in the new game. For those who might need additional clarity, we've cobbled together some details on the story of Kingdom Hearts 3 that we know about so far.

Like its predecessors, Kingdom Hearts 3 will requires some investment. The series has a history of putting a lot of content into its games, and the new title will be no exception. Anyone who has played a Kingdom Hearts game in the past know exactly what they're getting into, but newcomers might want to know exactly how long Kingdom Hearts 3 will be. According to a hands-on report, expect put in around 40-50 hours if you're purely focused on the main story, and a lot more for the complete experience.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will launch on January 25, 2019 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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