As the longest game in the series, Kingdom Hearts 3 is truly massive, with plenty for players to see and do over the course of their adventure. One of the most time-consuming challenges in Kingdom Hearts 3 is crafting the Ultima Weapon, which requires players to scour the game worlds for the seven Orichalcum+ materials.

Orichalcum+ is one of the rarest crafting materials in Kingdom Hearts 3, as there is exactly seven of them in the entire game – the amount needed to craft the Ultima Weapon. Collecting all the Orichalcum+ will be the most challenging part of crafting the Ultima Weapon, but it’s somewhat easier if players know where to look.

We recommend waiting until all the Disney worlds are complete before going after the Orichalcum+. Please note that this article will have some location spoilers for Kingdom Hearts 3, but no story spoilers.

1. Moogle Raffle Ticket

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This may be one of the most annoying Orichalcum+ materials to collect because it’s based on chance. Basically, spending money at the Moogle Shop (where the Ultima Weapon is crafted, by the way), will occasionally yield players Moogle Raffle Tickets. These tickets can be mailed out using the Twilight Town mailbox, and if players are lucky, they will get Orichalcum+ as a reward.

The best way to get this Orichalcum+ is to save the game right before sending out a raffle ticket, and then reload if the ticket doesn’t result in an Orichalcum+. This may be time-consuming, but it’s honestly the fastest way to get this particular Orichalcum+ in the game.

2. Frozen Slider Mini-Game

After completing the Arendelle story, players can return to the Frozen-themed world and speak with Elsa in the North Mountain area. This will trigger a sledding mini-game where the goal is to collect 10 treasures. The video guide below will show the location of each of the 10 treasures that players need to collect to get another Orichalcum+ crafting material.

3. Exile Island Chest

In the Pirates of the Caribbean-themed world, Kingdom Hearts 3 players are free to explore the seas in a pirate ship. If they travel to the southwest corner of the map, they will find an island called Exile Island, which has a treasure chest on it containing the Orichalcum+.

4. Lucky Emblems

All of the major game worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 house Lucky Emblems, which come in the form of hidden Mickey Mouse logos. Players have to take a picture of all 90 Lucky Emblems in Kingdom Hearts 3, and once they do, they will be rewarded with another Orichalcum+ material.

5. Keyblade Graveyard

Near the end of the game, players will reach a location called the Keyblade Graveyard. The chest with the Orichalcum+ is not far from one of the save points and isn’t really hidden, so this Orichalcum+ is somewhat hard to miss. Anyone that needs extra help finding the treasure chests in the Keyblade Graveyard should check out this video guide by PowerPyx.

6. Eclipse Galaxy Bosses

Kingdom Hearts 3 players can free roam in their Gummi Ship in the Eclipse Galaxy just as they can the other galaxies in the game. If they do so, they will eventually come face to face with the Colossus Pyramid boss. Defeating it will cause four other bosses to spawn, and after they’ve been defeated, a final boss called Omega Machina will appear. Once Kingdom Hearts 3 players have managed to defeat Omega Machina and all of the other bosses in the Eclipse Galaxy, they will get their hands on another Orichalcum+.

7. Flantastic Seven Mini-Games


Hidden throughout seven of the game worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 is the Flantastic Seven. Upon locating these unique Heartless, players have to complete a mini-game with them at each location. If Kingdom Hearts 3 players manage to obtain the high score at each of the seven locations, the reward for all of their hard work will be an Orichalcum+. Please use this Flantastic Seven guide to find all of them in the game.

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With all seven Orichalcum+ in their possession, Kingdom Hearts 3 players are free to return to any of the Moogle Shops in the game and craft the Ultima Weapon. They will have also completed much of Kingdom Hearts 3‘s side content in the process, but they will still likely have quite a ways to go before they’ve fully completed the adventure.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot