New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailers Given Dates

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The release of Kingdom Hearts 3 is only getting closer. Fans of this crossover franchise between Final Fantasy and Disney are getting desperate to finally get their hands on the title, and with development having recently been completed, it's starting to sink in that what was once the butt of an Internet joke is actually happening. But this doesn't mean Square Enix will stop teasing fans with some new trailers. In fact, they still have three more planned.

This news was first confirmed around the time the Winnie the Pooh trailer was released at Microsoft's X018 event. Nevertheless, director Tetsuya Nomura has revealed even more concrete details regarding these last few trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3 via the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account, including their release dates.

According to Nomura, a brand new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 will release on December 10th, followed by a final trailer on December 18th and then, on December 21st, a 30 second commercial will be released to be shown in cinemas. The director did clarify that these dates were tentative, so the timing may change, but it still sounds like we will be seeing all three by the end of December at least.

Considering the amount of content previous trailers have already shown off, it's hard to imagine exactly what these last few trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3 will contain without spoiling too much of the game's story. Some fans certainly have higher expectations than others, believing we will see one more Disney world, with the likes of The Jungle Book and The Princess & the Frog being popular guesses.

In other recent news related to Kingdom Hearts 3, the retailer Amazon managed to anger the franchise's community by promising to debut an exclusive new trailer for the upcoming RPG, only for it to be a shorter version of a pre-existing one. This led many fans to declare that they will refuse to pre-order the title from Amazon, despite the offer of an exclusive new Keyblade to use in-game as a pre-order bonus.

That wasn't the only controversy to pop up this week. As it so happens, it was also revealed that while Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released in China, the character of Winnie the Pooh will be censored due to fears that it will cause instability within the country.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will release on January 29, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Kingdom Hearts – Twitter

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