Kingdom Hearts 3 Leaks Early, Spoilers Shared via Social Media

kingdom hearts 3 party

In disheartening news, it appears that retail copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 have been stolen and leaked more than a month prior to the game's January 29 release date. Someone appears to have stolen more than 30 copies of the game, which likely hasn't even been sent to retailers yet, and then attempted to sell them via Facebook Marketplace for $100 apiece. The listing has since been taken down but since then, videos and images taken from the full release of Kingdom Hearts 3 have spread online, including via social media.

The individual selling the games is also the one currently uploading off-screen gameplay from Kingdom Hearts 3, at least up to this point. He reportedly published recordings of the game's full opening cinematic, it's introduction sequence, and into the game's first town before his Facebook listing and profile were pulled down. According to the seller, at least 10 copies of the game were sold to buyers in offline deals, meaning more leaks could be on the way soon.

As for the person responsible, their Facebook profile apparently claimed both that they were a member of the mob and involved in selling drugs. Needless to say, they'll likely continue to sell copies of the game offline as they're able.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the second major release in less than a month to be leaked ahead of launch, the other being Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. However, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's leak came only when the game reached retail storerooms shortly prior to launch and only resulted in several content creators being banned for uploading videos too early. Kingdom Hearts 3's leak is likely to be much more significant. The theft had to have occurred at the distribution level and will likely have serious consequences, nevermind the felonies of the thief himself. Square Enix isn't likely to take the theft and potential leak online of a major release lightly.

For fans excitedly waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 to reach its launch day, the leaked spoilers will hopefully be contained to a degree where they aren't spread throughout social media virally. But just in case, maybe avoid comment threads and subreddits related to the game as much as you're able.

Kingdom Hearts 3 releases January 29 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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