Kingdom Hearts 3 Videos Showcase Pre-Order Keyblades

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is set for release in just over two weeks, and fans that have pre-ordered the new action RPG will be receiving various bonuses with their copies. For some pre-orderers, these bonuses will include exclusive Keyblades to be wielded in-game, and Square has recently shared several videos offering a first look at these weapons in action.

Players that pre-order a digital copy of Kingdom Hearts 3 through the PlayStation Store, or were lucky enough to secure a limited edition Kingdom Hearts 3 PlayStation 4 bundle, will receive the Midnight Blue Keyblade. This exclusive weapon features a blue hilt and blade along with a star at its tip, and it powers up Blizzard magic with two abilities: increasing damage with Blizzard Up and making Blizzagan selectable as a Situation Command.

Yet another Keyblade, Phantom Green, is available to those that pre-order digital copies for Xbox One. This weapon also has a star, but it distinguishes itself from the PlayStation-exclusive weapon with its green hilt and blade as well as its focus on making Thunder magic more potent, increasing damage and allowing players to select Thundagan as a Situation Command.

Finally, pre-orderers that purchase their copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 through Amazon will be receiving the Dawn Till Dusk Keyblade. This is the most visually distinct of the bonus weapons, and its emphasis is Fire magic, granting its wielder increased Fire damage and making Firagan selectable as a Situation Command.

Last week, Square gave fans a look at a number of Keyblades that they can expect to encounter on their journeys through Kingdom Hearts 3. This included the simple Shooting Star Keyblade, as well as weapons with flourishes inspired by the game's many worlds, and these details may have helped build the excitement leading up to release day.

That said, Kingdom Hearts 3 has been a highly anticipated title since its announcement many years ago, and some fans will want to be certain to have access to as much new content as possible. The three exclusive Keyblades are opportunities to add a little more to the experience, and while their bonus abilities are not excessively powerful, some fans will likely be happy to wield them.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to launch on January 29, 2019, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Kingdom Hearts Insider

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