Rumor: Kingdom Hearts 3 to Feature Jungle Book World


Ever since the official reveal of Kingdom Hearts 3, Square Enix has unveiled a slew of exciting new worlds for the forthcoming action role-playing game, with one of the most recent realms unveiled being the highly coveted world of Pixar's Monster's Inc. While lots of fans have been pleased with most of the worlds revealed thus far, many are still hoping for other surprises to come, with a plethora of fans hoping for a world being inspired by Disney's The Jungle Book, which could be in the cards if a recent rumor is accurate.

According to a post shared over the weekend on 4Chan's Video Game forum /v/, Kingdom Hearts 3's next world will be revealed by way of a fresh trailer this April, and it will feature none other than The Jungle Book. If the rumor is to be believed, then Mowgli is going to be a playable party member alongside Baloo, and the trailer will also highlight the characters of Bagheera and Shere Khan alongside footage of a boss battle with Kaa the Snake.


What's more is that the rumor suggests that the potentially forthcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer for The Jungle Book world will show off a new "summon" that involves likes The Lion King's Simba. Apparently, Simba is going to emerge from a rock, and then let out a loud roar before pouncing on Heartless enemies and attacking them. Should this actually be the case, it makes one wonder if Square Enix might also have a world for The Lion King in the works.

Additionally, this bit of scuttlebutt implies that the Keyblade for Kingdom Hearts 3's rumored Jungle Book world is going to be shaped like the tree that Baloo scratches his back on in the Disney film, with the Keychain being a wolf. Supposedly, one transformation for the Keyblade will see the item morph into a tree that the protagonist Sora will  then use to swing on and kick enemies as an attack.

Taking everything into consideration, with all of this information coming from an unverified source, it's important to remain skeptical about The Jungle Book being the next world to be revealed for Kingdom Hearts 3. Nevertheless, should this rumor be true, then it presents some exciting prospects for the scope of the potential realm, as director Tetsuya Nomura previously shared some details about the forthcoming title to suggest that each world's size could be likened to the "equivalent to one [previous] game," with the activities available in each realm being "vastly different.”

Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently set to release in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: 4Chan, ResetEra

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