Kingdom Hearts 3 Players Will Need to Download Epilogue, Secret Ending

kingdom hearts 3 sora final battle trailer

Kingdom Hearts 3 is only a couple weeks away and fans are beyond ready to get their hands on the next installment in the beloved franchise. However, to prevent spoilers due to game leaks, Square Enix and the rest of the development team decided not to include the epilogue and secret movie on the shipping disc, meaning fans will have to download the final parts of the game in an update. Today, Square Enix detailed what the update schedule will look like after the game launches.

On January 29, Kingdom Hearts 3 owners will get to download Update 1.01, which will contain several data fixes as well as the new Memory Archive option. The Memory Archive is designed to be the series recap containing what players need to know to dive into Kingdom Hearts 3’s complex story. It seems that the Archives will be in video form, so players won’t have to do a ton of reading to get ready for the game. On January 30, players will have another update to the game which will add in the epilogue.

Players will need to complete the game and see the ending first before they can view the epilogue. With there being so much to do in Kingdom Hearts 3, many fans may still be a ways off from beating the game by the time this update comes out. On January 31, another update will add the secret ending that players can unlock if they meet certain requirements while playing through the game. While the requirements are currently unknown, historically the secret endings have been tied to item collection or beating the game on higher difficulties.

Square Enix did reiterate that the entire game is playable without having to download these updates, and players can view the main ending on day one. However, for fans to truly experience all endings and secrets, they will need to download these updates as they roll out. With Kingdom Hearts 3 featuring so many narratives coming together, fans should probably make sure they get these updates when they roll out so they can fully experience the story that has been in the works for such a long time.

Kingdom Hearts 3 launches January 29 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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