10 Worlds That Should've Been In Kingdom Hearts 3

Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts 3 is a blend between Final Fantasy and Disney. As a game with one of the most complicated storylines, it's surprising to learn that Kingdom Hearts is a game targeted towards kids. Whether you understand the grand plot of the series or not, there are short stories in each Kingdom Hearts world that everyone can follow.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is by no means perfect. Several overarching flaws make the gameplay (for some) a little dull and repetitive. Perhaps Square Enix failed to capture the Disney magic that was contained in the previous Kingdom Hearts games. Fretting over what Kingdom Hearts 3 could have been, may be fruitless, but that's what gamers do best! So, here are 10 worlds that should've been in Kingdom Hearts 3.

10 The Lion King

Playing as a lion in The Lion King world of Kingdom Hearts 2 was a thrill, but it would be interesting to see Sora as a human in The Lion King world. A new story would be a game-changer for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Rather than trying to add Disney worlds that are favorited by fans, Square Enix decided to add more recent movies. Alice in Wonderland was made in the 1950s, and it appeared in a Kingdom Hearts game. Square Enix should not have been afraid to add worlds from past decades.

9 Aladdin

With a live-action remake released in recent times, the popularity of Aladdin has been renewed, making it the perfect time to add Aladdin to Kingdom Hearts 3. Instead, Square Enix has squandered this potential by ignoring Aladdin and many of our favorite Disney classics.

Agrabah was a prime example of a Kingdom Hearts world done right. Kingdom Hearts 3 is missing many worlds that could have saved it from being considered by some players the worst game in the Kingdom Hearts main series.

8 Beauty And The Beast

A tale as old as time, Beauty and the Beast is one of Disney's most recognizable classics and it's one movie that should have been featured in Kingdom Hearts 3. Since Kingdom Hearts 2 ended with Beast as a human, it would be difficult to bring back Beast without a new storyline.

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Square Enix would have to create a new plot not seen in the Beauty and the Beast movies. Still, Kingdom Hearts 3 feels incomplete without Beast, who was an integral character of the previous Kingdom Hearts main series games.

7 Moana

The story of Moana is about a teenager who sets out on a dangerous mission to save her people. Moana is the titular character in her movie and is one of the most popular recent Disney characters. Given the popularity of Moana, it is nonsensical to forget the unique, oceanic world of the movie.

There would have been much potential for Kingdom Hearts 3's story had it included Moana. Characters such as Maui, Gramma Tala, Tamatoa, and Sina would have been too funny in Kingdom Hearts 3.

6 Emperor's New Groove

One of the most hilarious Disney movies rarely gets the recognition it deserves. Without a doubt, the worlds that were added into Kingdom Hearts 3 were great choices, but in practice, the gameplay wasn't that enjoyable.

Emperor's New Groove could have added much-needed comedy to the game. At times, the dialogue of Kingdom Hearts 3 seems a little heavy. Emperor's New Groove could have changed the game for the better. It's hard to forget characters like Pacha, Yzma, Kronk, and of course, Kuzco.

5 Tarzan

The Tarzan world was a unique experience that could be considered one of the most enjoyable worlds of Kingdom Hearts. The plot was interesting, the map was a decent size, and the boss battle against Sabor the leopard was exceedingly fun.

Kingdom Hearts may have the same problem Banjo-Tooie had. Banjo-Kazooie is small and manageable, whereas Banjo-Tooie's massive maps don't work as well. Granted, the first Kingdom Hearts has some large maps that worked well. However, sometimes bigger isn't better, and this may be a problem with Kingdom Hearts 3.

4 Alice In Wonderland

The 1951 Alice In Wonderland movie should have returned to Kingdom Hearts 3. Kingdom Hearts 2 repeated worlds that were in the originals. Worlds such as Halloweentown, Hollow Bastion, Atlantica, and the Olympic Colosseum returned in the first Kingdom Hearts sequel.

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Once again, this is a case where Kingdom Hearts 3 could have brought back one of Disney's most exciting classics and put it into Kingdom Hearts 3. Seeing Alice in Wonderland in 60 frames per second with enhanced graphics would be a sight for sore eyes.

3 Cinderella

Sure, worlds like Toy Story were an excellent addition to Kingdom Hearts 3, even if they did have their problems, but overall, Kingdom Hearts 3 has been regarded as disappointing with world selection. It squanders its potential with lackluster worlds.

A Cinderella world may have been a nice addition. To the credit of Square Enix, they've added more than one of Disney's princesses to Kingdom Hearts 3. Princesses such as Anna from Frozen and Rapunzel from Tangled are characters in the game. Cinderella appeared in Kingdom Hearts games such as Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Union χ. As a classic tale, it could only be beneficial to add a Cinderella world.

2 Mulan

Although it had less success in the box office compared to other Disney movies in this list, it can't be forgotten that Mulan is one of the most progressive Disney movies in existence. Mulan's character as a Disney princess is deep and complicated.

Women aren't meant to be fighters in her culture, yet the character Mulan becomes one against her family's wishes. The militaristic themes of Mulan blend well in Kingdom Hearts, and the Forbidden City was magnificent. If only Mulan had appeared in Kingdom Hearts 3.

1 Peter Pan

In Neverland, players were granted the ability to fly, creating a magical scene in Kingdom Hearts that we won't easily forget. It would have been nice if Peter Pan had been brought back for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has a few enjoyable worlds, but what separates it from other games in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, for some,  is a lack of "wow" factor. It fails to take chances to surprise its fans and provides a dull, bland story that is lacking many of our favorite Disney worlds.

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