Kingdom Hearts 3 Features World Based on Big Hero 6

By | 1 year ago 

One of the most exciting aspects about the Disney/Square Enix crossover series Kingdom Hearts is finding out what new worlds the game will take us to next. Previous titles have largely stuck to exploring Disney’s long line of animated classics such as Aladdin and The Lion King, but Kingdom Hearts 3 has potential to take us to some new and truly spectacular places.

We still have our fingers crossed that they’ll give us worlds based on Star Wars properties, but in the meantime, we’ve learned of two new worlds that will be introduced in Kingdom Hearts 3. At E3 a couple of months ago, it was revealed that a game world based on Tangled will be featured in Kingdom Hearts 3, tower and all, and now another recent animated Disney film is getting the KH treatment as well.

As announced during the 2015 D23 ExpoKingdom Hearts 3 will have a level dedicated to Disney’s recent hit animated action-comedy, Big Hero 6. Set in the “urban setting of San Fransokyo”, the Big Hero 6 world in Kingdom Hearts 3 will continue the story from the film, featuring Hiro and his newly formed team of superheroes.

Kingdom Hearts 3 to Feature Big Hero 6 World - Big Hero 6 Baymax and Hiro

While other specifics on what the Big Hero 6 level will entail were not divulged, its announcement is exciting for other reasons. The film may not be hugely associated with Marvel Comics, but the fact remains that the source material for the movie came from the Marvel comics series of the same name. The movie made some significant diversions from its comic book inspirations, but nevertheless, it shows that Square Enix and Disney are willing to incorporate worlds based on Marvel franchises into Kingdom Hearts 3.

With Disney featuring Marvel characters in Disney Infinity, it shows that they’re totally willing to blend superheroes with their classic characters, so there’s no reason why more Marvel characters can’t pop up in Kingdom Hearts 3. Considering the massive popularity of Marvel, especially nowadays thanks to the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it wouldn’t make sense if Disney and Square Enix let such a lucrative opportunity pass them by.

Besides Marvel characters, Kingdom Hearts 3 also has the potential to feature characters from Star Wars as well. Again, Disney has already shown a willingness to mix the Star Wars universe with characters like Mickey Mouse, as the third iteration of Disney Infinity will feature Star Wars characters. Just imagine the money to be made from a Kingdom Hearts title that collects Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars characters and worlds all in one game.

Of course, there’s still plenty of pure Disney franchises that we’d like to see announced for Kingdom Hearts 3. In fact, it’s actually kind of surprising that Frozen, the mega hit from a couple of years back, hasn’t already been announced for the upcoming action RPG.

Are you excited to see the world of Big Hero 6 come to life in Kingdom Hearts 3? What other worlds do you want to see announced for the game?

Though no firm release date is set, Kingdom Hearts 3 is expected to release in 2016 or 2017 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.