Despite the dearth of information related to the forthcoming sequel in Disney and Square Enix‘s role-playing game franchise, the collectibles company Diamond Select Toys has recently announced that it will be releasing a line of figurines from the second entry in the series, Kingdom Hearts 2. For those interested, the firm has revealed that the toys will officially be available this fall, and will sell in packs of three, going for $25 each.

As seen in the images below, there will be two separate packs for sale to Kingdom Hearts 2 fans. The first pack contains a Mickey Mouse figurine, along with Axel and a Shadow, while the second set features one of the main protagonists of the franchise, Sora, along with his signature Keyblade and two additional characters, Dush and a Soldier.


As far as technical details are concerned, each of the Kingdom Hearts 2 figures have several points of articulation and stand between four to seven inches tall, depending on the character. Not to mention, they were put together by sculptor Oluf Hartvigson, who’s done some work for Sideshow Collectibles. For those unaware, Sideshow is the company responsible for such products as this finely detailed Nathan Drake statue.

While these figures from Diamond Select Toys are decidedly delightful, some Kingdom Hearts fans might be wondering exactly how they all relate to one another in terms of the franchise’s overarching narrative. Thankfully, gamers can track the genealogy and overlapping connections between all of the series’ personalities with this handy relationship chart.

Naturally, news of these Kingdom Hearts 2 figures going on sale is a far cry from the kind of information fans truly want about the direction of the franchise, for it’s been quite some time since Square Enix has shared an official update on the third entry’s development process. With any luck, though, we will receive some more details about Kingdom Hearts 3 at E3 2017 next month.

Kingdom Hearts 2 can be played on PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, as well as on PlayStation 4 with Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5.

Source: WWG