Despite its previous delay, patch 1.3 has officially gone live for Kingdom Come: Deliverance on PC and consoles. The realistic action role-playing game developed by Warhorse Studios has been a commercial success, although it has received lukewarm reviews and has been plagued by bugs. Nevertheless, its developer has continued to improve the game, and this latest patch fixes one of its most controversial issues: its save system.

Previously, its players only had two ways to save the game: finding a bed or drinking a liquor known as Savior Schnapps. However, patch 1.3 has updated the complicated save system of Kingdom Come: Deliverance by introducing a “Save and Exit” option that can be used at any time. Preventive measures have also been taken to ensure that game files won’t get corrupted if the game crashes while saving, which may be a real relief for those that previously dealt with the game’s bugs.

Moreover, the PC version of Kingdom: Come Deliverance now allows players to take their save across multiple PCs via Steam Cloud. These new features and updates live up to Warhorse Studios’ pledge to fix the unpopular save system. By doing so, Warhorse Studios is extending the life of its game and improving its reputation in the gaming community.

However, patch 1.3 improves more than the save system, making several changes to the performance, visual, and gameplay aspects of Kingdom: Come Deliverance. Some other highlights of the update include improved lockpicking, late game strength fixes, other combat tweaks, and over 300 miscellaneous fixes in various quests. It also includes some PC-specific updates such as the aforementioned Steam Cloud, anti-aliasing options, and VSync options. Check out the full patch notes here.

Although Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been dealing with numerous bugs and controversial aspects of the game since day one, it hasn’t prevented the game from surpassing 1 million in sales. Further updates for the game may very well push these sales, but regardless, those playing the game now will hopefully have a smoother and more enjoyable experience thanks to this patch.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.