Atlus Unveils Six New Trailers For 'The King Of Fighters XIII"

King Of Fighters 13 Gameplay

The King of Fighters 13 promises to bring players back to a simpler time in gaming. It was a time when players weren't concerend about new-fangled graphics and their kill death ratio, no, it was a time where the only thing players needed to memorize was combos and spots for hidden items. Judging by these latest trailers for The King of Fighters 13, Atlus and SNK Playmore have nailed that point.

The art style of The King of Fighters 13 easily evokes memories of a bygone era. All of the characters are hand drawn and have a unique style. Clark for example is a soldier, whereas Chin is an elderly man with an attack that allows him to breath fire (sort of).

It's not very often that a game comes out like this especially since most games these days try and focus on a setting and characters more grounded in reality. That's not at all a bad thing, but for gamers looking for a bit more variety, this may be the game they're looking for.

Earlier this year Atlus announced that Saki would be a boss in The King of Fighters 13. As with the below character trailers, all of this should be of interest to long time fans of the series. Check out the game's unique style in the videos below:



















As is the case with all Atlus games, the pre order bonus for The King of Fighters 13 is one that fans will certainly enjoy: the game's full soundtrack across four discs. This is hardly a first on Atlus' part, as the publisher is known for its creative and well thought out pre order bonuses.

Are you interested in The King of Fighters 13, or are you holding out for one of the many other fighting franchises available?

The King of Fighters 13 will release November 22, 2011 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.


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