Six New 'The King Of Fighters XIII' Trailers, Series Could Come To Vita

Six New Trailers For The King of Fighters XIII

Fans were disappointed in The King of Fighters XII, and SNK Playmore knows it. Luckily, with the King of Fighters XIII, they plan to fix the issues that kept XII from reaching success, namely by addressing the lack of content in the game. The King of Fighters XIII will offer more than 31 playable characters (the actual number is not yet exact), which is a huge increase from the 22 playable characters in its predecessor. Of these 31 plus characters, many are fan favorites all returning to help The King Of Fighters reclaim its role as the definitive fighter series.

To help drive this point home, Atlus has released six new trailers for The King of Fighters XIII, each detailing a separate character. These come in addition to the other six King of Fighters XIII trailers Atlus has released in the past, so be sure to check those out too if you're interested in the title.







For fans of the franchise, or Sony's upcoming PlayStation Vita, there may be hope for a future King of Fighters title to appear on the handheld. In a recent interview, King of Fighters XIII producer Kei Yamamoto stated that he would love to work on the system.

"The PlayStation Vita controls well, the titles being released are appealing, and user impressions are good, so I am very interested in it, not just as a developer but as a user as well. Personally, I’d love to work on a KOF title for PS Vita if the opportunity arises."

The PlayStation Vita is set to debut with an impressive launch lineup, including Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3. Adding yet another fighting game to the system's library could be pure bliss for fans interested in Sony's new handheld.

While these trailers look nice and a Vita version of KoF is certainly welcome, fighting fans are probably wondering how the new game will perform, especially online. After all, a smooth framerate and reduced latency are important in titles like this. Fortunately, SNK Playmore confirmed that The King of Fighters XIII forced them to totally overhaul their netcode, meaning that the title should perform beautifully when played online. Naturally, we'll have to wait until release to see if the online portion really does offer stable gameplay, but until then things are looking very promising.

The King of Fighters XIII releases November 22, 2011, for the PS3 and Xbox 360.


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Source: PlayStation Blog

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