King Dedede Hammers His Way into 'Super Smash Bros. for Wii U' & '3DS'

King Dedede Super Smash Bros Wii U 3DS Screenshot

As the months continue to roll on, the roster that'll be shipping with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS has continued to grow exponentially since the titles were first showcased during the Big N's E3 2013 Nintendo Direct presentation. Zelda was the previous veteran fighter confirmed to be joining the fray, and her confirmation came shortly after the newcomer team of Rosalina and Luna were announced, and now Ninty has confirmed that the pudgy blue bird that continuously picks on Kirby will also be returning.

King Dedede will indeed be reappearing in hopes of laying claim to the fabled Smash Bros. throne, and he's once again toting the gigantic hammer that's made him such a legitimate threat over the years. The director and creator of the franchise, Masahiro Sakurai, confirmed that the combatant was announced to tie in with the Japanese release of Kirby Triple Deluxe for the 3DS. Largely, it appears that the character will retain a large portion of his move set that was established in Brawl, but the batch of new screenshots emphasizes the fighter's dynamic facial expressions much more thoroughly.

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With balancing taking a central focus in Super Smash Bros. this time around, it's nice to see that Sakurai and his band of merry individuals have had time to seemingly keep the roster sizeable. Since the games are scheduled to launch in a very vague 2014 window, there's still ample time to confirm new stages, fighters, assist trophies, and more.

With the tradition of tying roster reveals in with their respective game releases, it's likely that the next character will correspond with the release of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. A safe bet would be Diddy Kong's official confirmation (given that he's the only veteran DK character still M.I.A.), although Sakurai has been known to surprise fans in the past.

What do you think about King Dedede's return, Ranters? Did you know that Dedede is actually an eagle and not a penguin? Yes, your mind is blown.


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Source: Smash Bros. & MiiVerse

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