Kinectimals was a title that sold reasonably well for Microsoft as a launch title for the game’s controller-free motion control system we know as Kinect, so a follow up to the successful Kinect-fueled pet sim was only a matter of time. That’s why it’s not surprising to get word that Microsoft plans on expanding the world of Kinectimals by adding new content in the form of new animals that children can shower with their undying virtual love. Girls and Boys, allow me to introduce you to Kinectimals Now With Bears!.

The new Kinectimals content includes a new area called ‘Bear Island’ which is located off the coast of Lemuria. It’s here where players will be introduced to the latest cuddly companions. There is also a new guide called Bumblina, who has presumably replaced the original game’s guide Bumble. The new bears that can be selected at the start of the game include a Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Cinnamon Bear, Glacier Bear and Polar Bear, so individuals will have to chose wisely before selecting the correct future devourer of men.

All of the new content will be available as downloadable content for those who already have the game, but it will also be available as part of a new retail package that includes both the original Kinectimals game and all of the new previously mentioned content . The retails version will be sold under the name Kinectimals Now With Bears! for the standard price of $49.99, while all of the ‘Bear Island’ DLC will run roughly 1,200 Microsoft Points ($14.99).

Check out all of the adorable bear-filled screens for the new Kinectimals content in the gallery below.

The new content seems like a good idea to bring back some interest in the game, and the new content and adorable bears will surely sell well. I actually called the addition of bear cubs in Game Rant‘s Kinectimals review, and if some of the hints in the main game are any indication there will also be more animals (probably wolf cubs) coming soon as well.

What’s really surprising though is the fact that I made it through the entire article without using a bear pun! That kind of pressure was hard to bear… awwh.

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