Kinect UltraSeven SuperHero Hack

Kinect Hack lets you play as Superhero UltraSeven

What may be one of the coolest hacks for the Kinect so far; the UltraSeven hack gives its user the ability to fully take on the appearance of the Japanese superhero on screen.

Kinect de Narikiri Ultraseven (the hack's full Japanese name) starts by the user striking an UltraSeven pose for the camera. While also looking cool, the pose acts to activate and calibrate the Kinect to the user's body.  Afterwards the body is engulfed in the red and grey UltraSeven outfit on the screen. Once in the body of UltraSeven, the user can perform three of the hero's iconic attacks, each activated by a certain stance.

The first of these is wide-shot where a wide beam of light is shot out from the forearm. Then there's the Emerium Beam where a laser is shot from the forehead. Finally, there's Eye Slugger which allows the crest atop of the superhero's head to be thrown and return as a boomerang.

The camera also recognizes other objects in the room, so all three attacks stops once it hits another surface. The greatest thing about this is that it works great in low lit conditions, unlike most games for the Kinect . Once the lights are turned off in the video, the user glows and the motion sensor still has the ability to detect him. As the final cherry on top of this awesome pie, once the user's time is almost up, they are allowed to make a pose where the outfit flies off of the user.

Check out the description in action in the vid below.


This shows how deeply the Kinect can evolve for future games. What if this hack were applied to Western superheroes? I would love to shoot repulsor beams from my hands and watch my arc reactor chest plate glow in the dark as Iron Man. This looks like great beginnings to what could one day turn into a fighting game that places two mechs, Gundams, superheroes, etc. against each other with controller-free motion controlled combat. This combined with the two Kincects creating a 3D image hack, easily acts as another great example that shows the Kinect's potential when joined with passionate developers

Which hero would you ranters like to see the Kinect transform you into?

Source: Siliconera

Header image edited from art by axlsalles.

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