'Kinect Star Wars' Now Targeting Spring 2012 for Release

Kinect Star Wars Targeting Spring Release

After an extremely disappointing demo at E3 last year, Kinect Star Wars jumped from potential product mover to proof positive that Microsoft's motion controller is a little rough around the edges. Now it appears that title has been pushed back until Spring 2012 to help give it more fine tuning, and hopefully prove gamers' initial reservations wrong.

As a real standout in the long list of Kinect titles that were promised when the tech was first announced, Star Wars still holds a ton of potential especially given its ability to let players wield a lightsaber. But unfortunately expectations and execution just didn't meet when we got out hands on the game in the Summer of 2011.

It has been some time since we've seen the game, however, which leads us to believe that some of the core concepts in the game are being retooled, or more specially being allowed to reach their "full potential." For those who might not remember, the biggest downfall for Kinect Star Wars, besides imprecise registration of movements, was its on rails combat — a staple of the motion control game genre.

Without the freedom to travel, even if it is as wonky as Rise of Nightmares' travel, players ended up getting pulled from haphazard combat scenario to haphazard combat scenario, each of which was not very fun at all.

But, with The Old Republic getting fans right back into Star Wars, and a Phantom Menace 3D re-release next month, Lucas' sci-fi property might be primed for a family friendly title.

Though Kinect Star Wars has been pushed back there is no official announcement regarding a firm release date. We'll keep you posted as the news develops.

If there is a promise of significant fine-tuning, are you still interested in checking out Kinect Star Wars? Did the E3 demo ruin any chance this game had of appealing to hardcore fans?

Kinect Star Wars is now slated for a Spring 2012 release on the Xbox 360.

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