Kinect Can't Do a "Good Lightsaber Game" Says Move Creator

Anton Mikhailov Playstation Move

Anton Mikhailov, one of the brains behind the Playstation Move, isn't at all excited about the upcoming Star Wars game planned for release on Kinect for Christmas 2011. He believes that in order to create an authentic experience, a controller (like the Move, for instance) is required.

Speaking with Eurogamer, he said:

"There's no way Kinect can do a good lightsaber game. Just never. Unless they give you a stick. If they give you a stick then they can do OK, but then they're going to ruin their whole no controller motto."

A trailer of the Kinect Star Wars game was first shown at E3 2010, and the only official line since was at Kinect's London launch where creative director Kudo Tsunoda stated that the title would be coming out "next holiday".

Of a potential Move version of a Star Wars game Mikhailov said:

"I'm usually not very aggressive, but I will say it'll be damn better than Kinect could ever do."

Sony has not  stated that they are working on a Star Wars game themselves, and IP owner LucasArts has also said nothing on the matter. Has Mikhailov let the cat out of the bag, or is it just idle boasting? If it is the latter, then he didn't stop there, he went on to say:

"I've seen the demo but it's so scripted, and wasn't it like, faked?" ... "Technologically I find it hard how you can do a lightsaber, because there are so many ambiguities, and it's nearly impossible to track the angles of your wrists."

It's easy to understand what Anton is saying here. Whilst slaying Stormtroopers with a lightsaber, it would likely feel more natural and there would be a greater sense of immersion if you actually had something in your hand. Heck the Move controller even loosely resemble a lightsaber hilt. Also, the E3 2010 trailer for the Kinect Star Wars game suggested it would be on rails, possibly meaning that the player won't have too much control over character movement in the game. With the Move Navigation Controller, this would not be a problem allowing for greater freedom within such a game.

Mikhailov also threw out something very interesting when he mentioned giving players a "stick" for the Kinect version, what's to say that they can't do that very thing?

In their marketing for Kinect, Microsoft put a great emphasis on player's "being the controller", but that's not to say that there will not be peripherals that work in conjunction with Kinect in the future. A lightsaber that works with Kinect could potentially be a great idea, not that Microsoft would ever create such a thing.

Personally, I'll be keeping a very close eye out for any announcements for a Move compatible Star Wars game. It's such a huge franchise, why wouldn't Sony approve of such a thing? If they do, Game Rant will be here to bring you all the details.

Which platform do you think a Star Wars title would be best on? Move or Kinect? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Eurogamer

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