Kinect 'Star Wars' Game Lined Up for Christmas 2011

At the lunch of Kinect at E3 2010, we were shown footage of the Star Wars game that was compatible with the new hardware, and it looked rather exciting. Since then we have yet to hear any official word on when the game is going to be released. That was until Kinect's creative director, Kudo Tsunoda shed some light on the matter.

Speaking at the UK launch of Kinect to BBC's Newsbeat, Tsunoda said that we will be seeing the Kinect Star Wars game out in time for the 2011 holiday season.

"We have a Kinect Star Wars game coming out for next holiday." ... "I think you could just easily imagine being a Jedi and using Kinect to make you feel you're part of a Star Wars experience, building yourself up into a Jedi."

"I've seen a bunch of the game and it's super compelling."

From what we saw at E3, gamers can expect a third person action game where you wield an imaginary Lightsaber, going toe-to-toe with Darth Vader himself. The title is currently being developed by Terminal Reality, the team behind Def Jam: Rapstar and Ghostbusters. If Ghostbusters is anything to go by, then we could be in for a real treat with this one.

If you were wondering what else we will see in between now and then, Tsunoda went on to say that  Forza on the Kinect, also demoed at E3 2010 will be also be hitting shelves in 2011.

"And another one next year is Forza, which is the best racing game of this generation of consoles"

Having played Joy Ride at this year's Eurogamer Expo, I feel that the racing game genre is not ideal for motion control. While the concept is rather nice, when it comes to a racing game precision is key and it was slightly lacking in Joy Ride, especially when it came to braking and acceleration. I'll be hoping for major improvements in time for a serious racing simulator such as Forza to be enjoyable on Kinect.

If these are the sort of big name titles we can expect throughout next year, then things could become very interesting for Kinect indeed. Also, with Microsoft predicting big things for its latest piece of hardware there is no reason why we shouldn't be seeing a flurry of new titles in the near future, and we will be here to bring you all the latest news on new releases.

What games do you want to see on Kinect? Will the news of Star Wars and Forza convince you to buy Kinect? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: Newsbeat

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