'Kinect Star Wars' Not For Core Gamers, Has Han 'Ride Solo' In New Footage

Kinect Star Wars I'm Han Solo Footage

Kinect Star Wars has been a bit of an anomaly in gaming. We've seen very little gameplay and what we have seen as been less than exhilarating.  With the game releasing this week, new footage and details on the Kinect game are now available, and well, don't get your hopes up Star Wars lovers.

Speaking to CVG, Kinect Star Wars product manager Glenn Gregory spoke of how the game is "for anybody that is a Star Wars fan" instead of something more core oriented like The Old Repbulic. Gregory feels the game is "a great experience for people who love Star Wars," and like him, "want to share it with their families."

Unfortunately for the core gamer, Kinect Star Wars isn't the droid - er game, they're looking for, though most probably figured that out by now. On the plus side, the Star Wars themed Xbox 360 also launches tomorrow, and that's sure to make any Star Wars fans' heart melt with its R2-D2 sounds.

Those still on the fence about the game will want to check out this new footage, which showcases the dancing mini game. Players take the role of Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, dancing to "I'm Han Solo." Just watch it.


The gut reaction for most gamers right now is probably disgust. But, admittedly, this is pretty hilarious. The whole concept it so utterly stupid I can't help but laugh; it looks so ridiculous that it must be something that needs to be experienced. Then again, this is coming from someone who genuinely enjoyed The Phantom Menace, so perhaps it's best to just ignore my opinion here.

It's also worth noting that the game was crafted by ten different development teams, with over 200 hundred people in total contributing to the game. So, instead of having those teams work on Battelfront 3 or The Force Unleashed 3, we get Kinect Star Wars. Oh well, at least the game should be good enough for a laugh.

Kinect Star Wars releases tomorrow, April 3rd, 2012 exclusively for the Xbox 360.


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