‘Kinect Sports Rivals’ Scores New Content Based On Classic Rare Games

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Rare may not have be utilizing its iconic properties to the best of its ability lately, with the exception being the recently rebooted Killer Instinct, but that doesn’t mean its not churning out content. The latest game to hit store shelves from the acclaimed developer was none other than Kinect Sports Rivals — although we thought the final game showed promise but fell short in our review. Even then, Rare is more than happy to keep cranking out new content and updates for fans.

First and foremost, Kinect Sports Rivals has received a free update that adds an impressive 24 unique stories to each of the three separate factions. Players are also able to go toe-to-toe with all of the captains in each of the six sports featured within the game. This all sounds like a pretty great deal for a free update, but Microsoft and Rare have also released paid-content that’s aimed at longtime fans of the latter.

Gamers familiar with Rare will recognize properties such as Banjo-Kazooie, Battletoads, Perfect Dark, Blast Corps, and Viva Piñata, but none of those I.P. have been used as of late. While reboots or sequels to these beloved titles are likely still far from in the works, Kinect Sports Rivals will be paying tribute to each of those previously mentioned games with exclusive Challenge Packs. These new additions are said to feature “familiar characters and elements” from the properties each pack is named after, but Xbox Wire has only given gamers a glimpse at the content that awaits them.

The following Sponsor Story packs are now available on the Xbox Marketplace:

  • Banjo-Kazooie Challenge Pack
  • Battletoads Challenge Pack
  • Blast Corps Challenge Pack
  • Perfect Dark Challenge Pack
  • Viva Pinata Challenge Pack

Arriving alongside these special bundles of DLC are a line of more traditional garb that can introduce a player’s avatar to a little more flair-based fun. Sunglasses Pack, Funglasses Pack, and the Super Salon Pack are the new content offerings in question, and they’ll add a bevy of new stylized items for a fee. Those looking to group all of the content together, however, can invest in the ‘Super Style Bundle’ which includes all three of the aforementioned packs.

What do you think of the retro Rare Ware add-ons for Kinect Sports Rivals? Will your avatar be adorning any of the new content?


Kinect Sports Rivals is available now, exclusively on the Xbox One

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Source: Xbox Wire