Kinect Christmas Package Just Got Better with Free DLC

Xbox 360

There is no question that the Kinect is one of the most sought after gifts for under your gamer's tree this year, and now Microsoft has announced that it will be even bigger and better than ever with free additional DLC content for Kinect Sports and Kinect Joy Ride. DLC is nothing new to the Xbox 360, but offering a free upgrade to a couple of their flagship Kinect titles is a great incentive to stuff you're stocking with some fancy new hardware.

Kinect Sports will have a free party pack that will open up six new mini games, fifteen new party play events, and three mascots:

  • SuperStriker for Soccer - like the Wii Sports soccer, you score goals and avoid the boots
  • Pinvaders for Bowling  - stop the pins before they reach the hazard zone.
  • Rapid Runner for Track & Field - rase the clock and run the furthest distance before you run out of time.
  • Target Smash for Table Tennis - score big by smashing all the targets you can.
  • Fruit Splatter for Volleyball - like fruit ninja, you smash fruit and dodge bombs
  • King of the Ring for Boxing - knock out opponent after opponent until you can’t knock out anymore.
  • “Challenge” Feature - compete with your friends with mini game scores
  • 15 Party Play Events: - assorted new mini games, and variations on old favorites.
  • Three new mascots - Zippy Zombie, Champion Chicken, Sportastico.
  • And 10 achievements worth 250G.

Kinect Joy Ride has an excited new Chevrolet Car Pack we get some great details in the press release:

"Starting January 4, 2011, you can get a Chevrolet Camaro, Corvette and Cruze at no cost by downloading new content for “Kinect Joy Ride.” You can choose a color for your new cars — or “paint” them using the Kinect sensor — and then take them for a spin in any of “Kinect Joy Ride’s” six game modes. You can also use the cars in online races over Xbox LIVE. Beginning January 4, 2011, The Chevrolet cars for “Kinect Joy Ride” will be able to be unlocked when you select the Chevrolet ad in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace — keep your eye out for it!"

No matter how you wrap it, this free DLC adds quite of bit of value and fun to your Christmas Kinect package. With the focus on playing with friends, this DLC will ensure that there are hours of fun Christmas Day.

What do you think Ranters? Is this enough to make you buy the Kinect or a Xbox 360 for someone you love this holiday season? Are you ready to cruise in your new Camaro? Let us know in the comments bellow!

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