'Kinect Sports' Demo Available Now on Xbox Live Marketplace

Kinect Sports Demo

As gamers we all know the feeling. Opening a present that contains a popular game console, or piece of gaming tech, only to discover there weren’t any games included. One thing that many gamers, casual and hardcore alike, will be receiving is Microsoft’s motion control peripheral Kinect, but will those lucky individuals be receiving one of the launch titles with it? I mean, you can only play Kinect Adventures for so long, right?

Luckily Microsoft has swooped in to save the day by putting a demo for Kinect Sports, Microsoft’s answer to Wii Sports, on Xbox Live. Obviously, it's a somewhat limited taste of the title but at least it will tide new Kinect owners over until they can make their way to the nearest retailer.

Solid demos can sometimes make or break a popular title, but a demo for something like Kinect Sports is the perfect selling point for anyone wary of the tech (read our review). Not only can gamers get everyone from their grandparents to their nieces and nephews involved in the motion control fun, but they can also get well acquainted with the ins and outs of Kinect before jumping into some more hardcore fodder like Dance Central.

Don’t forget that for those who do end up picking up Kinect Sports a DLC pack is on the way that adds, among other things, six new mini-games.

Microsoft Kinect

Kinect is the perfect gift for the gamer that has picked up the big name titles of 2010 and is constantly trying to keep on top of the hottest tech. Not only is Kinect high on the list of most requested gifts this season but also, if all goes according to plan, Microsoft should be blowing gamers’ minds with their upcoming 2011 lineup. There really is no excuse to not at least check out Kinect Sports - in order to get a better idea of what the future holds.

Have you played Kinect Sports? Is Kinect Sports the right title to be the first demo for the peripheral?

Source: Xbox Live

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