'Kinect' is Over One Million Strong and Growing

Microsoft Kinect

It is hard to say if it is the promise of more hardcore titles, like a Star Wars title, Oprah hype, or the simple fun of a controller-less experience, but one thing is certain: fans are loving Kinect, and it is reinvigorating enthusiasm for the Xbox 360 console. With more than 30,000 stores in the US having a hard time keeping Kinect on the shelves, as well as better titles, and the holiday season on the horizon, Microsoft’s lofty sales goal may be easily met, and exceeded by years end.

We have had spirited discussions about Kinect here at Game Rant, and everyone's opinions seem pretty mixed about it. With problems working in small rooms as well as other limitations and bugs, Microsoft will have to rely on their hype machine as well as really good hardcore titles to keep Kinect present and relevant in gamers mind as a must-have accessory. It will be difficult to break into the casual motion games market, as Nintendo has been long established as the casual king having a fanatically player base. For hardcore games the PlayStation Move will be the one to contend with. The question is: Kinect or Move?

Do you think Kinect is to gimmicky? Will the promise of some amazing hardcore games be enough to be able to keep up with the PlayStation Move? Or are you like me and stuck with a space that is to small to even get Kinect to function? We want to hear from you! Comment bellow and tell us if you can see yourself playing Black Ops without a controller or should Kinect just be for the kiddies and Kinectimals?

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