Kinect Hack Allows Almost 1:1 'Call of Duty' Gameplay

Kinect Hack Call of Duty, Zelda, Doom Video

While it wasn’t hard to figure that Microsoft’s Kinect would, eventually, be hacked and its tech exploited, most didn’t figure the quality and quantity of hacks would be so large at this point. After others began exploiting the tech for use with other, non-game related items, one man has been able to utilize Kinect in order to play various video games with surprising results.Some utilize the individual’s movements as if they are a human joystick while others react to specific gestures, but each is extremely impressive and should be enough to inspire Microsoft.

While the Zelda and Doom hacks are very impressive, they wouldn’t do much to convince many gamers to abandon their controllers.

See Zelda and Doom controlled via the "human joystick" below:



Kinect, as a motion control, is designed to be an immersive experience, one that adds a new dynamic to what gamers are traditionally familiar with. Unfortunately, as indicated by the first videos, there is an inherent imprecision with Kinect that could never compare to a regular controller. Of course, as is the case with most of the Kinect hacks, there is one element that could lead to some truly groundbreaking innovation.

Arguably the most impressive of the three hacks shown is the Call of Duty hack. Using the first Modern Warfare and a Wii remote/nunchuck, the player’s gestures are, in essence, one to one. Jumping is performed by literally jumping and knife thrusts are performed by jutting the nunchuck forward. Essentially, this hacker has created a much more involved first person shooter experience than anything that is currently present on a major console.

Check out the Call of Duty hack below:


Sure, Microsoft most likely has something like this Call of Duty hack in the pipeline, and certain elements from the other hacks might be present in other titles, but what is really significant is what hackers are able to do with such a quality camera. As a tech that is in its infancy, gamers are so far out from the future of Kinect that it might be hard to fathom what will inevitably be possible. One thing is certain, if it’s anything like these hacks, there is a glorious future in store for Microsoft’s motion controller.

What do you think of these Kinect hacks? Can you see yourself playing a FPS using a similar set up to the Call of Duty video?

Source: VG247

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