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Sitting on the couch, owners of a Microsoft Kinect may be worried that the peripheral may be monitoring your every word and movement – in a grand plan to make Skynet and Terminators a reality.

Although seemingly set in science fiction, Microsoft thinks the possibility of Kinect-integration with advertisers, to allow voice and gesture functionality, is not only a good idea, but also the future.

The program, titled “Nuads,” will essentially respond to what a person is watching on the Xbox, allowing the viewer to do things like set reminders for shows, give details for where a restaurant is located, and even push the information to a Windows mobile phone.

Microsoft’s Mark Kroese presented the concept earlier this month – here’s the full report from Edge:

‘Kroese’] demonstration contained five suggestions for how advertisers can make use of the technology: social advocacy, in which an advert can be shared by the user simply saying “Xbox tweet”; request for information, where saying “Xbox more” will result in further details or discount codes being emailed to the user; near me, which will send a text message with directions to a nearest retailer when prompted with “Xbox near”; calendar reminders in response to “Xbox schedule”; and gesture-controlled voting. Kroese notes, however, that “the possibilities for advertisers are almost endless.”

Earlier today, a video demonstrating the idea popped up, showing off just what Microsoft has in mind for the device – demonstrating both an ad for an upcoming TV series and where consumers can pick up a Toyota Prius. It’s ultimately a great way for companies to get their product a little more air-time, with Kinects still flying off the shelves.

Check out the video below and see what you’re in for.


While the device has serious potential in the advertising market, it goes into a still-uncharted territory regarding what is acceptable in terms of home privacy, and what isn’t. While it’s one thing to find an interesting commercial and tell the Kinect to tweet about it, it’s another when the Kinect starts picking up what the user starts liking: be it by physical choice or listening into a conversation.

As more develops over the story, Game Rant will be sure to bring you the latest… especially if it means a Skynet-free tomorrow.

Source: Edge & Win Rumors [via Joystiq]

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