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Kinect Discussion Game Rant

At long last, Microsoft's Kinect motion control system has been released. Not content with controller based motion gaming solutions, Microsoft has delivered a controller free product that it hopes will revolutionize the genre. The company has bet heavily on Kinect's success, going so far as to redesign the Xbox 360's dashboard.

Kinect is a divisive product, and reactions to it are all over the place. Some see it as the future of the Xbox 360. Others consider it a diversion, at best.  What do you think?

Here at Game Rant, we pride ourselves on delivering news with analysis, and making our opinions known. Now it's your turn to rant.  This is the spot to share your thoughts on Kinect; to engage in discussion with Game Rant's readers and writers.

What do you think of the hardware? Is it too expensive? What about the games? Does Kinect change the way you feel or think about the Xbox 360? Don't pull any punches, but keep it civil. The discussion starts now.

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