Kinect Will be Making Its Way to PCs in the Future

Steve Ballmer Kinect PC

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has a reputation for being a little bit crazy during presentations, and several of his antics have become viral videos. However, none of his eccentric behavior came across in a recent interview with the BBC. Instead of chanting the word “developers” over and over again, he took the opportunity to discuss the possibility of the Kinect being used on a PC.

When asked if users will ever be able to plug the Kinect into a PC, this is what he had to say.

“We will support that in a formal way. In the right time and when we have an announcement to make, we’ll make it.”

When an abundance of people start hacking and modding a piece of hardware, it is usually a sign that the product has a strong potential for innovation. The Kinect hardware is only in its infancy, yet we have already seen so many creative uses of the technology. A couple impressive hacks include one that lets users play World of Warcraft without a mouse or keyboard and another that allows for almost 1:1 control in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Once the Kinect is brought to the PC, the abundant modding communities will definitely accelerate the evolution of the hardware. People can expect to see interesting non-gaming applications as well as innovations that will change how the Kinect is used for games. Dance Central and Kinect Sports offer up solid experiences, but the real innovation is yet to come. It will be really cool to see what independent developers could end up doing with the Kinect.

Microsoft should not waste any time in bringing the Kinect to the PC because PrimeSense, the developer behind Kinect’s motion controls, already has plans to bring the technology to the PC.

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Would you be interested in a PC version of Kinect? What would you use it for?

Source: BBC News

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