Remember back when Amazon outed God of War: Ascension? Or when it posted a listing for Black Ops 2 prior to the game’s official announcement? Well, turns out the online retailer has leaked the existence of yet another unannounced game: Killzone Trilogy.

Over at Amazon France, Killzone Trilogy can be pre-ordered for 59.99 Euros, with a release date of October 24th, 2012. The product page offers no other details, including the most important piece of information: what games are included.

That said, given the name, it’s likely (bordering on certain) that Killzone Trilogy will consist of the series’ three mainline games: Killzone, Killzone 2 and Killzone 3. If this is the case, then chances are the isometric PSP title Killzone: Liberation won’t be making an appearance. Sony has yet to officially confirm the collection’s existence, telling Gamespot “we have made no announcements.”

Killzone Collection Shows Up On Amazon

Currently, the original Killzone is unavailable on PlayStation 3. After appearing in an ESRB listing, Sony announced that the game would make its way to the PlayStation Network as a PS2 Classic – however, the re-release was later delayed indefinitely. Since Sony first began releasing HD collections of its games, PS3 owners have clamored for an HD remake of the original Killzone, and we’re right there with them in hoping it’ll be included in the Trilogy.

This news arrives shortly after the launch of Sony’s new line of PlayStation Collections, the first batch of which includes the God of War Saga, the inFAMOUS Collection and the Ratchet & Clank Collection. Prior to those releases, Sony stated that more PlayStation Collection titles would be announced in the coming weeks, making it easy to believe that Killzone Trilogy (likely to be called the Killzone Collection in North America) is for real.

Whether you’ve played all the Killzone games or are new to the franchise, I’ll reiterate what I said in a Killzone: Mercenary post: “more Killzone is good news.”

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Source: TheSixthAxis [via Gamespot]