‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ Vita Play Demoed; Trophy List Revealed

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Helghan/Vekta relations are about to take a sharp turn for the worse, what with the release of Killzone: Shadow Fall later this week. Debuting alongside Sony’s hotly anticipated PlayStation 4 platform, the surefire system-seller doesn’t lack for size, scope or interesting features – so what about cross-platform compatibility?

Well, according to a new series of tweets from developer Guerilla Games‘, not only is the title attuned for PS Vita play as standard, but may well come to thrive on the handheld system as well.

Addressing his 1500-plus followers on Thursday, Killzone: Shadow Fall director Steven ter Heide unveiled the first (low-res) look at the hardware hook-up in action. Utilizing the PS4’s Gaikai streaming technology, the link appears to produce little in the way of noticeable lag – a 1 or 2 frame differential, at worst – judging by Heide’s admittedly poor quality of footage.

Given that the Vita employs two different types of link tech – direct (faster) and router-based (varied) — this demonstration could even be selling the experience short, though Heide’s chosen mode isn’t actually stated. To see the footage for yourself, check out the video up top.

Killzone Shadow Fall Trophies Header

In other Killzone: Shadow Fall news, the title’s expansive trophy list went live this past Friday, featuring 33 unlockable achievements gleaned from the game’s campaign and multiplayer modes.

These must-have accolades include 18 Bronze, 8 Silver, 6 Gold and, as ever, just the 1 Platinum award. Check them out below.

  • ‘Hero’ — Obtain every other Killzone: Shadow Fall trophy (Platinum)


  • ‘Elite Shadow Marshal’ — Finish the Campaign on Hard (Gold)
  • ‘The Father’ — Complete ‘The Father’ level in Campaign mode (Bronze)
  • ‘The Shadow’ — Complete ‘The Shadow’ level in Campaign mode (Bronze)
  • ‘The Doctor’ — Complete ‘The Doctor’ level in Campaign mode (Bronze)
  • ‘The Patriot’ — Complete ‘The Patriot’ level in Campaign mode (Bronze)
  • ‘The Helghast’ — Complete ‘The Helghast’ level in Campaign mode (Bronze)
  • ‘The Agent’ — Complete ‘The Agent’ level in Campaign mode (Bronze)
  • ‘The Handler’ — Complete ‘The Handler’ level in Campaign mode (Bronze)
  • ‘The Dead’ — Complete ‘The Dead’ level in Campaign mode (Silver)
  • ‘The Destroyer’ — Complete ‘The Destroyer’ level in Campaign mode (Silver)
  • ‘The Savior’ — Complete ‘The Savior’ level in Campaign mode (Gold)
  • ‘Deniable’ — Complete ‘The Shadow’ without alerting the enemy to your presence (no tampering with the security system) (Bronze)
  • ‘New Shadow’ — Complete ‘The Savior’ without alerting the enemy to your presence (Bronze)
  • ‘Violence is the Answer?’ — Complete ‘The Savior’ with 20-or-more kills (Bronze)
  • ‘Outsmarted’ — Kill 4 enemies with just one grenade in Campaign mode (Bronze)
  • ‘Outgunned’ — Achieve 6 headshots kills in one ‘Adrenaline Rush’ – Campaign mode (Silver)
  • ‘Outmaneuvered’ — Kill 5 enemies during a zip line traverse — Campaign (Bronze)
  • ‘Conscientious Killer’ — Finish the Campaign without harming a single civilian — any difficulty (Bronze)
  • ‘Shadows Cannot Be Killed’ — Finish the Campaign without dying once — any difficulty (Silver)
  • ‘Gatherer’ — Discover one-half of the game’s collectibles (Bronze)
  • ‘The Knowledge’ — Discover all of the game’s collectibles (Silver)


  • ‘Tourist’ — Finish a match on every map (Bronze)
  • ‘Dominator’ — Win a match on every map (Silver)
  • ‘On Your Way’ — Complete 200 challenges (Silver)
  • ‘Multiplayer Elite’ — Complete all 400 challenges (Gold)
  • ‘Million Points’ — Achieve 1m points total (Gold)
  • ‘Scout’ — Fully level-up one Scout class ability (Bronze)
  • ‘Support’ — Fully level-up one Support class ability (Bronze)
  • ‘Assault’ — Fully level-up one Assault class ability (Bronze)
  • ‘Jack Of All Trades’ — Fully level-up all abilities (Gold)
  • ‘Weapons Specialist’ — Unlock all weapon upgrades (Gold)
  • ‘Decorated’ — Achieve 500 accolades total (Silver)

How many trophies do you expect to collect come November 15th? Is Vita connectivity the final nail in the Wii U’s coffin? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check in with all of the latest PlayStation 4 news, right here on Game Rant.


Killzone: Shadow Fall launches November 15, 2013 alongside the PlayStation 4 system.

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