With the Killzone trilogy on the table, it’s clear that Guerrilla Games has produced one of Sony PlayStation’s bestselling series. With fans eager for a new addition, today was deemed the best time to introduce the world to the next Killzone game, which left the number-structuring of past titles and is simply called Shadow Fall.

During the PlayStation Live Meeting today, Guerrilla Games revealed the series’ first foray onto the just-announced PlayStation 4, letting the world get its collective first glimpse of the all-new Killzone: Shadow Fall. The game may mark the first time Guerrilla Games has pushed a Killzone game as a launch title, but even if it comes out post-launch, the series has long been used as a heavy-hitter to drive console sales.

The nearly 8-minute-long video clip shows a full-on assault taking place at Vekta City, with several squads of the Helghan Army touching down and beginning to reap havoc on both ISA soldiers and civilians alike. As combat rains around the battlefield and explosions ripple through the air, the player can be seen fighting his way through the city and using a variety of execution moves, like jumping from an overhead ledge and knifing an unsuspecting Helghan soldier below. Bullet-time styled sections take place, slowing down the action to the point where individual bullets can be heard. The video concluded after a dramatic, if not stereotypical, hanging-by-a-rope flying sequence.

The game takes inspiration from the cold-war era, with Berlin cited as one of the biggest driving parallels as the Helghan forces attempt to preserve their way of life. Despite the chilling plotline, the visuals of the game were surprisingly colourful, showing off the PS4’s capability to render large scenes in real-time.

No release date for the game was announced, but the playthrough certainly showed a solid amount of polish to the title. We’ll keep you posted as more information becomes revealed.

What do you think, Ranters? Are you excited for Killzone: Shadow Fall?

Killzone: Shadow Fall is currently in development for PS4.

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