‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ Pre-order Bonuses; New OWL Gameplay Video

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Dutch development studio Guerilla Games has announced the pre-order incentives awaiting gamers in Killzone: Shadow Fall. The PlayStation 4 launch title will treat early adopters to an assortment of high-tech gizmo skins, thundering melodies and even a mysterious victory animation for multiplayer.

First revealed back at E3 2013, Killzone’s very own RC drone, the “OWL” will receive three-flavors of aesthetic upgrades in the pack. Designed with the discerning Shadow Marshal in mind, these visual skins include a Bumblebee-like black and yellow motif, a fighter jet-esque sneering shark design and — Uncle Sam’s personal favorite — the Stars and Stripes insignia. Patriotic Americans and comic enthusiasts alike will appreciate the latter pattern’s striking resemblance to a certain Captain’s shield design (provided it received some superhuman levels of damage first).

Online trolls will likewise rejoice at the inclusion of what Guerilla is calling a “Multiplayer Spotlight Move” – marketing jargon for a special stance or dance designed to humiliate fallen foes in online matches. While the exact nature of the move isn’t specified, shooter-savvy gamers will no doubt be able to imagine a number of distinct possibilities.

Fans of series composer Joris De Man were doubtlessly disappointed by the news that the man behind Killzone’s moving, militaristic scores would not be appearing in Guerilla’s next-gen outing. Taking over the reigns from De Man is award-winning musician Walter Mair, whose work has appeared in everything from Empire: Total War to the Grand Theft Auto series. Mair’s 80 minute-plus score will also be included amongst the game’s pre-order incentives.

The “Killzone Shadow Pack” will be made available to both US and European gamers who pre-order Killzone: Shadow Fall. Participating retailers include Walmart, Gamestop, and Amazon in the United States (UK retailers have yet to reflect the update). Guerilla’s latest press release also confirms that additional pre-order bonuses will be made available closer to release, and will likely vary from retailer to retailer. As is typically the case with these pre-order incentives, an eventual post-release DLC package containing the items is expected but not yet confirmed.

For more on Killzone, check out GameRant’s hands-on E3 preview. To see the demo we played, available from today in glorious high-definition, scroll back to the trailer up top.


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