‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ Multiplayer Trailer and First Details [UPDATED]

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At their Gamescom 2013 press conference earlier today, Sony put a major focus on new PS4 titles previously unseen by the public. Sony’s presentation included confirmation that several high profile games, like Rogue Legacy and Fez, were headed to PlayStation platforms, and they also finally revealed a release date for the PS4.

However, Sony wasn’t about to forget some of the first PS4 titles they announced, namely inFAMOUS: Second Son and Killzone: Shadow Fall. While eager gamers can read the latest on inFAMOUS: Second Son, including main character Delsin’s new powers here, we’re talking Killzone: Shadow Fall. More specifically, we want to talk about the game’s new multiplayer, which developer Guerrilla Games detailed and showed a new trailer for at Gamescom 2013.

For Killzone: Shadow Fall, multiplayer will be taking on a new identity. Gamers will have direct control over the types of multiplayer experiences they participate in, and will be able to craft their own modes as well.

In what Guerrilla is calling Warzones, players can select all the parameters for a given multiplayer match and share them with the Killzone: Shadow Fall community. They can choose the number of players (4-24), the mission modes, the classes, the abilities, and the weapons that will make up the match.

Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Trailer

Killzone: Shadow Fall will also include 8 new mission modes, 4 of which are new to the Killzone franchise. Player progression has also been significantly retooled, and is now based on completing more than 1,500 challenges rather than accumulating XP.

As far as the game’s loadouts are concerned, everything will be unlocked from the beginning. Players will have three different classes to choose, each with their own signature abilities, as well as 22 different weapons.

[UPDATE: We’ve added some new screenshots from the multiplayer. Check them out below.]

From this brief introduction, it sounds like the multiplayer in Killzone: Shadow Fall carries some of the signature elements from the series’ past, along with some new features as well. The trailer for the multiplayer focuses mainly on the Warzone options, and how players can mix and match game types, but we hope to see more about the game’s class and progression system soon.

What do you think of the changes Guerrilla has made for Killzone: Shadow Fall? Does the Warzone feature sound like something you would be interested in using?

Killzone: Shadow Fall will launch alongside the PS4 on November 15, 2013.

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