‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ Getting 4-Player Co-op DLC; Early Details Arrive

By | 2 years ago 

When Guerrilla Games first announced their upcoming PS4 exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall, they promised the title would never charge for any future multiplayer map packs. Rather, the developer hoped to add value to Shadow Fall‘s base game through secondary content like new modes, classes, and weapons.

One of those new modes will come in the form of a standalone piece of add-on content called ‘Intercept’, Killzone: Shadow Fall‘s version of the horde mode, if you will. Guerrilla introduced the new mode late last week, and slowly more details regarding Intercept have started to come in.

As we mentioned, Intercept will come in of two flavors: either as a DLC add-on for Shadow Fall or as a standalone piece of content. It will support up to four players, cooperatively, and will offer a unique riff on Killzone‘s FPS combat.

The concept behind Intercept’s “campaign” is simple: four players, in either the Assault, Marskman, Medic, or Tactician class, try to intercept and then relay important Helghast military transmissions back to base. That means defending a series of uplinks, as well as a main base, from Helghan attack.

Each class in Intercept will play differently, and have its own unique level progression. Unlike in Shadow Fall’s competitive multiplayer, which retooled level progression to be fair from start to end, Guerrilla has apparently delivered a more traditional upward slope here.

One element that appears to help Shadow Fall‘s ‘Intercept’ mode stand out from the pack is the enemy A.I. Using what they call the A.I. Commander, Guerrilla can change the behaviors of the Helghan forces based on how the co-op team is playing, even sending down mini-bosses to spice things up even further. It’s an idea that’s been done before – most times with minimal success — but early previews of ‘Intercept’ suggest the A.I. Commander idea makes for a challenging experience.

All told, Intercept sounds like a unique riff on the horde mode concept, but with nearly 6 months since Shadow Fall‘s launch (alongside the PS4) it’s unclear how many gamers are still invested in Guerrilla Games’ first person shooter. It’s certainly a smart move to offer the campaign as a standalone product, but even then there’s no telling what the turnout will be like when Intercept releases — whenever that is.

What do you think of Killzone: Shadow Fall‘s new Intercept content? What would you like to see Guerrilla Games add to their PS4-exclusive shooter?

Source: PlayStation Blog