‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ Insurgent DLC Pack Details: New Class, Mode, and Abilities

By | 3 years ago 

Sony and developer Guerrilla Games have revealed first details for their upcoming Insurgent DLC Pack for Killzone: Shadow Fall. This is the first substantial DLC offering for the PS4 exclusive and includes a new mode, a new class, as well as a few new weapons.

As the name implies, the Insurgent Pack introduces a new multiplayer class called the Insurgent. This class starts out limited, with only a pistol, but can slowly become powerful thanks to its ‘Steal’ ability.

Steal allows Insurgent players to nip weapons and abilities from downed enemies. Any weapon that the player steals are theirs to use throughout the remainder of the match. Abilities, on the other hand, are lost with death.

In addition to the Steal ability, the Insurgent class also boasts the ability to hack ground-based turrets, robots, and whatnot. Any item that is hacked then starts fighting for the Insurgent’s team.

While the introduction of the Insurgent pack is sure to be a major focal point for Season Pass holders, those who prefer the game’s vanilla Scout, Support, and Assault classes, however, will gain new abilities of their own. See below for each of the new abilities.

  • E-Pulse emitter — The Scout gets a deployable beacon that sends out an e-pulse making it difficult for enemy units to install automata in that area
  • Tactical Echo emitter — The Support gets a deployable beacon that send out a Tactical Echo from a fixed location making the area hard to infiltrate by hidden enemy units
  • Guard Drone — The Assault gets a stationary Buddy drone; deploy it in one place and it guards the location from a ground level.

Along with the aforementioned class-focused additions, as well as three new classic Killzone weapons, more personalization items, new challenges/trophies, and online collectibles, the Insurgent Pack also includes a new mode for the single player mode called Elite Mode. Elite is only for the most…er…elite of Killzone: Shadow Fall players, giving them only 3 lives with which to complete the full campaign on hard difficulty.

Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Screens - Shield Ability

All told, players will seemingly be netting themselves a bounty of Killzone: Shadow Fall content this April. What’s more the Insurgent DLC Pack carries a reasonable $9.99 price tag.

But we know what you’re thinking: where are the maps? Well, Guerrilla has proven themselves a developer of their word. Before Shadow Fall released, the developer promised that they would not charge for any DLC map releases, and they have stuck by that line. In fact, they have released two maps — The Cruiser and The Hangar — inspired by environments in the single player campaign for free today.

While Killzone: Shadow Fall might have had shortcomings on both the single player and multiplayer side of things (read our review), there are still plenty of gamers that found something to enjoy in the PS4 exclusive. And for them it’s good to know that more content is on the way — content that adds new wrinkles to the online multiplayer.

Are you ready for the release of Killzone: Shadow Fall‘s first substantial DLC pack? What do you think of the new Insurgent class?

Killzone: Shadow Fall‘s Insurgent DLC Pack releases this April for $9.99.

Source: PlayStation Blog