Killzone Dev Says ‘It’s Too Early’ To Talk About Sequels

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At E3 2015, Guerrilla Games surprised everyone by revealing a brand new IP in the form of Horizon: Zero Dawn. The gameplay trailer for the title was met with enthusiasm from those at E3, even resulting in the game being nominated for Best in Show by the Game Critics Awards.

Longtime fans of Guerrilla Games were probably somewhat disappointed that the studio didn’t show off a new game in the Killzone series instead of Horizon: Zero Dawn. After all, Guerrilla has done nothing except develop Killzone games since 2004. Unfortunately for those looking forward to another Killzone, it looks like a sequel won’t be coming any time soon.

The news comes from an interview with Guerrilla Games managing director Hermen Hulst that was originally published in Edge magazine. As it turns out, the studio is completely dedicated to working on Horizon: Zero Dawn for the time being, so it is far too early to discuss any potential sequels to their flagship Killzone franchise.

“My enthusiasm for Horizon by no means should suggest that I’m now uninterested in Killzone. We love that franchise, we really do. But it’s too early for me to comment on future projects. It’s going to be a very big challenge for us to get [Horizon] out the door. And as for what’s going to happen after that? We’ll talk about that later.”

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As is to be expected, the challenge of building a brand new IP from scratch has kept Guerrilla Games especially busy. “After we shipped Killzone: Shadow Fall, and we’d been through the hoopla of doing a launch title, I thought that was going to be the toughest thing we’d ever do. It pales in comparison to this. This is so much more challenging on the team in every single way. But I find that doing something that is this refreshing, and that is supported so strongly by the development team, is probably even more important to the success of a title than how far you are out of your comfort zone,” Hulst added.

Overall, it’s good to see Guerrilla Games branching out from their comfort zone and working on a game that is completely different from what they’re used to producing. It should allow them to flex their creative muscles in new ways, and should show that they can create more than just gritty shooters. From what we’ve seen of Horizon: Zero Dawn, it definitely is a major departure from their past work, with the female protagonist and focus on single-player, but we have faith that the gamble from Guerrilla Games will pay off. Killzone fans should rest assured knowing that the franchise is not forgotten at Guerrilla, but we will have to wait a while longer to hear anything about a potential sequel.

“I feel a sense of love for this project among the team, and maybe that sounds corny, but it’s really empowering.”

The latest game in the series, Killzone: Shadow Fall, is currently available for the PlayStation 4. The next title from Guerrilla Games, Horizon: Zero Dawn, is due for release in 2016 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive game.

Source: GameSpot