Killzone 3 Live-Action Short Gives Insight Into Helghan's Past

Killzone Universe Short Film

If there were to be a poster-child for the PS3's exclusive first-person shooter efforts, the Killzone series would no doubt lead the pack. While many gamers may argue over the quality of the first game, the two PS3 iterations have both garnered favorable reviews and, in the case of Killzone 3, stand as a good representation of a developer actively listening to and patching complaints from the community.

It's no surprise that Sony is pushing the series and making it a household name, even setting up a deal with Schick to earn DLC as you shave. With the Halo series representing the Xbox 360, Sony needs something that will help them stand out in the shooter crowd.

Looking at the trend of recent games though, shooters in particular, a strong plot is becoming less and less important it seems. While the story in the Killzone games may not push any boundaries, the universe that the games take place in is still a rather interesting one - ripe with back-story potential. Over the course of the series, the war between the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (ISA) and the Helghast has been chronicled on both factions' home planets. The idea itself may not be the most original, but the two sides, and the planets they encounter, do have some depth.

In an attempt to increase understanding of the series' back-story, a short live-action film has been released, showing the electronic communications between two friends who have been separated as one lives on Vekta while the other is exiled to Helghan.

Check out the video below.


While the video will make little sense to gamers who have not experienced the Killzone series before, those who have and are looking for that little bit of extra back-story may enjoy it. Sure, it may not provide the most in-depth insight into the universe's past, but it's commendable that the effort is being put forth and is a trend that the industry should continue. It really means a lot for a developer to go the extra mile in order to increase the level of immersion experienced by the player - and the film medium offers a perfect way to do it. Not only that, but as the quality of said films increase, so do the chances that the films will draw in new players.

What are your thoughts on the short film? Would you like to see more developers putting together high-quality short films in order to expand their games' universes?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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